Movie Night The Last Airbender

It was not my intention to blog about movies but merely to focus on my writing and development. However, I love stories and often a fantastic story comes along and is made into an outstanding movie. And since it all connects to writing then I guess I can blog about it.

Last night, in an effort to get away from the heat (we reached a balmy 103 in Rhode Island yesterday) and to take advantage of Super Tuesday movie night in Lincoln ($6 all movies and all times) we went in skeptical about the Last Airbender. My youngest son, 15, was skeptical that it would not live up to the cartoon. I was not impressed by the trailers and after reading the reviews I was even more reluctant. My oldest son, 21, nevertheless was optimistic, that’s Mike he always has the better attitude and open mind. To say the three of us were disappointed would be a serious understatement.

To be blunt it was one of the most horrific movies I’ve seen since The Avengers, the one with Uma Thurman where she faked a British accent so bad my ears were bleeding. How could a movie have all the elements for a great film, great story, great director, and the set up for perfect action, be so dreadful?

Well, first off the acting was the absolute worse. Those children either were just naturally bad or not directed well. I cringed at their lack of skills, even Dev Patel who starred in Slumdog Millionaire and the BBC show Skins was awful. I mean AWFUL. The adult actors contributed even less. I just sat there shaking my head through most of it because I felt as if I were being stung every time someone opened their mouth to speak, which leads to the second reason this movie failed-crappy dialogue.

I am inclined to give the actors a bit of a break on the acting because the dialogue was just piss poor but I won’t. I hadn’t seen the cartoon (till last night after the movie) so when my youngest son explained to me that in the cartoon the dialogue was very animated and it seemed the director, Shyamalan, was trying to stay within that same animated dialogue. It didn’t work. From the opening the dialogue was bad and never got any better. In one scene the “Avatar” returns to the monastery in search of his friends and yells out ‘hey guys!’ Are you kidding me? The dialogue didn’t match the setting or the actors. Honestly, my family was not the only one letting out long sighs of astonished disappointment.

How often do you see an action film and you wish everyone dies, including the heroes? That was how much I cared about the characters in this movie. There was no character development. The acting, the dialogue and story from Shymalan’s pov gave me little reason to care about any of the players in this film. I probably would have left a little more satisfied if everyone met a climatic death at least I would have felt it was a dramatic touch. To add insult to injury the ending left off on the cliffhanger for the sequel. <Insert rolling eyes here> As If!

Last, not even 3D could save this film, matter of fact the extra money I spent on the glasses made me angrier. All the elements were there, it could have been a great film if not great at least a really good summer blockbuster you could get lost in for a hot summer night. It was not to be the case. If they do a sequel I hope someone else is at the helm or at least Shymalan learns from these huge mistakes because this film was an EPIC FAIL.


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