Rave II

Rave II words: Notebook, Change, Switch, Free, Quality. I’m like three weeks late with my Rave….ughhhh can I use summer as an excuse? No, no more excuses. I just didn’t do it. So here it goes…10:30 am start

Jo moved her laptop aside and opened a new notebook. Sometimes when the keys couldn’t help her find the words, pen and paper did. It’d been a long time since her New York Times Bestseller The Last Snow. She was going to be a literary giant, everyone thought so. The Last Snow was hailed as an ambitious and extraordinary first novel, movie rights were bought almost immediately, but that was seven years ago.

The sun was just about to rise. This was usually her best time but again another night of fruitless ideas. Why had it gone?  Why had one book stripped her of all creativity?

“Mom, what are you doing up so early?”

Jo shifted in her chair startled to see her daughter. “Bethany, are you just getting in?”

Bethany switched on the dining room lights. “How can you sit here in the dark? It’s not good for your eyes to work from just the screen light of a computer. You should know better.”

“Where were you?”

“I told you I was going to a party. You should have come Will Smith was there and…”

Jo tuned her out. She didn’t need to hear more. There was always a party for Bethany to go to. She rarely stayed home. Jo had attended the same parties and she didn’t like the mix. It felt odd partying with people Bethany’s age and with Bethany. She preferred social gathering with people of her own age. Young people did so many silly things openly and it was painful to watch. So she long ago stopped going to parties where the starlet crowd would be there, unfortunately that meant she did not go to a lot of industry parties.

“I got a script tonight from and independent director. Would you take a look at it and tell me what you think. It’s different a bit of a change for me but a welcomed one, you know? I mean this is something I would do for free, I really liked it.”

“Wow, Bethany did you drop it in a pool?” Jo held it by the corners.

“Sorry, but you can still read it right?”

Jo rolled her eyes and flipped over the first page. “If it’s good I’ll read it.”

It was good. It was even better than good it was top notch quality. It reminded her of the writing she had not done. The writing everyone knew she would continue to do but hadn’t. This script would surely put Bethany in another playing field, in an Oscar nominated field. She wanted to be the writer to do that for her daughter. She wanted to give Bethany the script that would catapult her into Meryl Streep’s league but she was holding a script that would do that for her in her hands and without thought she went to the kitchen and tossed it in the trash.

Now here she sat in a police station waiting on her lawyer she should have called fifteen hours ago but she never thought that anyone would actually believe she would run down her own child.

10:56am end


4 thoughts on “Rave II

  1. LOL but the meaning is the same. argghhhh I wanted to use the word as it was given but can I use my migraine as an excuse?


  2. Okay, migraine accepted as an excuse. By the way, the health service has just licensed Botox as a treatment for migraine over here. Even if it doesn’t get rid of the headache, you’ll have one smooth head.


  3. I read about that some time ago that they were looking into botox as a cure for migraines. My head is already smooth…pbbbbttttt. there is a place not far from me that does it….also for sweating


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