Banging Head

For the past few weeks this is all I have done, bang my head against the proverbial wall. I have so much to do and cannot seem to get it down. Are personal problems plaguing me? Maybe. Was the awesome summer weather to blame? Could be. PMS? At times, of course. It is the most frustrating feeling in the world when you just can’t seem to get your mind to work the way you want it to.

I am still working on editing my book. I am still daydreaming of sending it out to agents and getting one on the first wave. You know that saying, ‘whatever your mind can conceive it can achieve’? Hmmmm I think some serious addendum  need to be added because I can conceive some wild things and they always end up with me owning a cute flat in the fifth district of Paris and a summer home on the Riviera sitting next to George Clooney talking over a book of mine he wants to turn into a screenplay. I’ll add finish the damn editing as the the first addendum.

The last few weeks I have read some awesome blogs. None at all having to do with writing however. Most of them are hair and fashion blogs. One day soon I will have to give a complete shout out to some of the blog writers who have inspired me to do better with my own.

So I’m off to join the ranks of unpublished writers who have to stop the blood from flowing from their forehead and get back to the business of working to be a published author.


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