The Dinner Game

I watched the French original of Dinner for Schmucks Friday night. I wanted to see the original before I saw the American version with Steve Carrell.

Just from these two trailers you can see how completely different the original is from the American version. In the French version the ‘gentleman’ and his idiot never make it out of his apartment due to a bad back, while the American version is a bit all over the place. The French version is quietly cool. I didn’t laugh out loud but I laughed, and quite a bit.

I am seeing Dinner for Schmucks later today and I think it will be funny. I usually hate remakes of foreign films (I am so not looking forward to the American interpretation of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) but sometimes, very rarely, you get a good remake like The Office U.S. compared to the Office U.K.  Now, my dear English buddy Patrick abhors the American version but I think Steve Carrell owned his character Michael Scott and  catapulted the first few seasons of the Office into classic television. I think Steve will own this ‘idiot’ and make this movie pretty funny.


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