You are Sexy, Let me tell you why…

When I read your excerpt from your new book yesterday and every word was genius, I mean every word, well that was sexy.

Remember when you showed up at my house at 11pm after driving back from NYC and we sat on my steps eating popcorn till two? Watching you walk back to your car from my window I thought, he’s sexy.

You know how you go all postal over comments on the Huffington Post? Sexy.

After golf…you are very sexy.

Drinking French Martini’s with me. How do you say sexy in French?

Imitating Archer. YYYYYYYYYYUP, sexy

Calling me BEFORE Triple A…you got it

Standing in line at H&M with me. You looked sexy.

Oh, when I tell you a completely fabricated story like the one about the toothless clowns just to make you laugh and  you go with it.  So sexy!


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