Law and Order:UK

In the criminal justice system the people are represented by two separate but equally important groups…

I am an original Law & Order fanatic,  and I miss Jerry Orbach and his one liners. I can’t even believe I have watched this show for almost twenty years and have spent whole Sundays and holidays watching marathons.

There are now four Law & Orders on NBC, L&O: L.A. being the most recently added (still on the fence about whether I will give this one much attention) and as of now I only watch SVU. I think Olivia Benson is the most awesome chick on television.

Now BBCAmerica has brought us Law and Order: UK. My Englishman told me a while back they were doing the remake for the UK so I have been anticipating this since last year and even put the series in my Netflix queue.

I was bugged eyed when I caught the tail end of a show Saturday and immediately pulled up the already aired episodes on Demand. Now I can delete from Netflix!

 So far the  scripts are from the original L&O  and because I have seen many episodes countless times I knew the  first two episodes too well, so there wasn’t much excitement in the outcome. However, I can’t say it was a wash because I did really enjoy the new cast, especially Ronnie Brooks, who reminded me of Lennie Briscoe. 

Dick Wolf must be the richest producer in the world!

Check it on BBC America Friday @ 9pm


4 thoughts on “Law and Order:UK

  1. Ah, good old DS Ronnie Brooks, played by Bradley Walsh, a popular standup comedian and actor over here. Ronnie is my favourite character along with Alesha, both for very different reasons.


  2. SVU is also my favorite, have been a fan of Olivia for a long time! but I have to admit that there is a special spot in my heart, yes my heart for Detective Goren:) the way dude would get into his cases always kept my attention… Loved it!


  3. Ok so I think we may have separated at birth! LOL. I am addicted to L&O, but I am a little disappointed in the LA one. Although I am a fan of Terrence Howard he doesn’t seem right for L&O. I’ll keep giving it a chance and hope that it gets better. If they ever take SVU away I am DONE! Just started watching UK on demand after reading this. H-O-O-K-E-D.


    1. LOL Tanya you HAVE to check out Wire in the Blood and Waking the Dead…I’d never steer you wrong and I know you will love both those shows!


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