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I’ve had my Kindle for a year, it was a gift. It is not something I would have bought myself because I am a book lover, meaning I love the feel of  a book in my hand, I love flipping through the pages and I love seeing that book sitting on my bookcase for me to look at it amongst the other books I have enjoyed. I don’t mind toting a book taking up space in my bag and toting it on the train every day. I love collecting certain authors too, like Stephen King, and seeing him lined up on one shelf from Carrie to Under the Dome (review that in a moment) something you can’t do with a Kindle. However much I love a book I have grown to love my Kindle as well.

One reason I love my Kindle is because it offers free books and samples. I’ve pretty much downloaded all the classics I hadn’t read, like the Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and even the Wizard of Oz, at no cost to me.

The second reason I love my Kindle is because it offers me the chance to read books by different authors and different genres I may have not checked out otherwise. I just finished a book by Charlie Huston called Already Dead: A Novel. Now this book is one of those books I more than likely only would have bought if it was on the $1.99 table at the bookstore (no offence Mr. Huston, it’s only because I’m not familiar with your work.) because it essentially is about a vampire detective. I kid you not. I chuckled when I read the description. Free or not it took me a few moments before I gave in and pressed the download option. It was good and I’m happy to say he is an author I will check out more of (even if it’s not free) because Free gives you the opportunity to take a chance you may not want to when you are dishing out $21.99 for someone unknown to you.

I probably will never download a Stephen King book – well, I did download UR but he wrote that especially for the Kindle and its owners-see why I love him?-  But I will use my Kindle to experience new authors and old authors experimenting with new genres I hadn’t read (James Patterson and his Maximum Rider series, although I think one of those was enough) So if you are thinking of a Kindle give it a shot for the free books alone but don’t give up on the bookstores entirely.


4 thoughts on “Kindle Books

  1. Another good post, Writer-Girl. I was considering getting a kindle, but I got an iPad instead. I’ll probably download the kindle app though to check out that vampire detective book.


    1. Sorry Foxy that one is no longer available for free. I think you would have liked it…he was that gruff likable character you have in Sam. Glad you liked the post I will try to keep up with it!


  2. I have wanted a Kindle since first seeing it on Oprah, unfortunately I I have allowed life and its inevitable money grubbing nuances (mortgage, utililites, groceries etc)to stand in the way of my purchasing my Kindle.

    My desire, yes desire for a kindle has not disappeared, I still want it and now after reading your post with promises of “free” treats my want is faster becoing a need!

    The Kindle is the only thing on my B-day list this year and if my family wants me to be happy as they so often claim they BETTER get it for me…. Wooosahhhh!


    1. I think you will love it R…I’m reading a thriller on there now that I downloaded for free and its good so in the end its worth it because I think out of the twenty something books I have on it I only paid for three


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