Doc Martin: Simply Brilliant TV


My Englishman never recommended Doc Martin to me because he thought the humor was too British.

Dear Englishman: Please explain to us what that means? Are you saying the BBC/ITV comedies are too high brow for us to get and thus we won’t understand or appreciate subtle humor because it’s not all slapstick like the Three Stooges?  (Do you feel the muffler under that bus I just threw you under LOL)


I usually get my recommendations from My Englishman for most British shows but once in a while I discover something on my own and Doc Martin was one of those.

It took me two days to watch the first episode because it was slow and I could not imagine why Netflix rated this comedy. Doc Martin, played by Martin Clunes, is a tough character. He was a London surgeon who one day develops a phobia of blood. Rather than give up on medicine entirely he leaves London for the small coastal village Portwenn.

Martin is stoic, abrupt, and has 0% bedside manner If it were possible to have -5% bedside manners, he have it.  His impatient gruffness is fine for a top surgeon but not so fine for a general practitioner who has to deal with the many eccentric patients who float through his office. But trust me his snippy no-nonsense manner is part of his charm and is the hilarity of the show as he interacts with the crazy villagers. Yes, Martin is charming and you will find him more so as he tries to navigate his feelings for Louisa-honestly one of the best love attractions I have seen on television. Every episode you see them get a little closer and watch horrified as Martin blows it each time with his awkward clumsiness.

I caught Doc Martin on Netflix; I watched all four seasons, we are behind England one season so hopefully season five will show soon, but PBS airs the show so check your local listing to find it.

It may not seem like a comedy at first glimpse but invest in the whole 48minutes because trust me there will be a moments of absolute, insane, astonishing comedy.


3 thoughts on “Doc Martin: Simply Brilliant TV

  1. I don’t have copies of my emails from years ago, sorry. And as for that “highbrow” comment, you know I love The Three Stooges . . .

    Why I oughta . . .


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