I Heart Michelle

I try not to gush, I really do but this woman here, I JUST SIMPLY ADORE!

I love her Around the Way Girl Style (that is your black girl next door but we added our flava to it)

I love her devotion to her family. I love my MOM too and value her influence on my children.

I THINK but I don’t know but I think I see some of the qualities in her that Obama does…she seems genuine, fun, smart, loyal and one of the best moms!

I love Michelle, she’s so fancy, huh?


2 thoughts on “I Heart Michelle

  1. Cute!

    And no doubt the feelings of many women around the world.
    There is something about witnessing greatness in powerful women that beckons the ordinary in all of us to simply relate to the extraordinary that we all have.
    Michelle Obama has that “it” factor and every time she speaks she seems to remind all women that we really are special and that our plight has not been lost on her newly found fame.
    Obviously a hard working wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend to many she has never lost the ability to relate to what many before her have viewed as “common folk” and all the while she is and forever will be as you said a very fancy first lady, I heart her too!


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