221B Baker Street


First I’d like say, because I feel I should mention it, I do like American television, I really do. I know from the few recommendations I have posted here you wouldn’t guess it and I will eventually write about my favorite American shows but today I have to rave about yet another BBC import recommended by my Englishman. If it were not for him investigating, from Cardiff mind you, when this show would be making its debut I would have probably missed it! He always has my back

Last night I watched the new Sherlock Holmes on PBS, newly titled Holmes. I’ll admit with no shame at all that I am not a fan of the old Sherlock Holmes with Basil Rathbone. I’ll even go further and admit I was not impressed with the 2009 movie with Robert Downey, Jr. (actually I thought the story was poor not Downey’s portrayal) but  the new Steve Moffat & Mark Gattis rendition of Sherlock Holmes is flat-out must-see-tv.

2010 Sherlock not Victorian era Sherlock

The most significant change to the new Holmes, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, is he is modern in every sense of the word. The stories all take place in modern London and Holmes is now tech savvy with all the trinkets of the 21st century. He is still a master of deduction like his predecessors, as his brain adds up scenarios in lightening speed. I don’t think it is a total accident that I see qualities of David Tennant’s Dr. Who in the new character, because Steven Moffat was the writer for that show also. The new Holmes is funny, eccentric, and a wild card and he makes for some really funny scenes. The character grabs your attention from the beginning and keeps it for the full ninety minutes. Yes, ninety uninterrupted by commercial minutes!

Dr. Watson, you say

The new Dr. Watson, played by Martin Freeman, from original The Office, comes to London having served time in the Afghanistan war. He is immediately introduced to Holmes and the mental aptitude of the man. They form what we will inevitably see in future episodes, a deep loyalty and friendship.

The show was exciting, fresh and imo better than Guy Ritchie’s movie. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Holmes is on Masterpiece theater so check your local PBS station to find out the schedule and remember the bonus is no commercials!


5 thoughts on “221B Baker Street

  1. Another good review. You make me want to watch it all over again. I guess I’ll have to buy the DVD box set (£12.99 at my local Tesco).

    The good news is there are more episodes in the pipeline. I just hope they make more than three this time.

    I just read it again and there’s no mention of your Englishman recommending it to you…Harrumph.


    1. I will defintely edit that to give you mention because if it were not for you investigating to find out who would carry it and when it would be on I would have missed. Total FAIL! 😦


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