By Reason of Insanity


I got this book via my Kindle free. It had been sitting in queue for a while now and I finally got it last Thursday and finished it this morning on my hour train commute to work.

I hadn’t heard of Randy Singer before (he a Christian writer but there is no slap you in the face religion rhetoric in the story)  but I love mysteries/legal/thrillers and this one seemed like it would be good and HELLO, it was Free!

Publishers Summary:
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., 2008 –  379 pages
After a series of killings, reporter Catherine O’Rourke is plagued by dreams that reveal each crime in ghastly detail. But because of her intimate knowledge, she’s charged with murder, and her high-priced lawyer wants her to plead insanity. Can his famed legal maneuvering save her–or will it take a miracle?
There were a lot of elements in the book that made it a great read. The book starts off with Catherine’s lawyer wrapping up a case with his sister who is on trial for killing her husband. He pleads her with temporary insanity as well.  There is a lot of character development and the writing is paced well keeping  the reader  interested, even throughout the court room scenes.
I don’t know if this is still available for free on Kindle but if you like legal thrillers then this one is definitely worth a pick up at the library or bookstore. I definitely will store Randy Singers name in my mind for future trips.

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