For Colored Girls

This evening I saw For Colored Girls with my mother who has been anticipating seeing this movie like a lot of other Black women I know. I, unlike my mom was not as impressed by the trailer. But one woman can draw me to any movie, any television show and any play she is in and that is Phylicia Rashad (I will get to her in a separate post) so I went. I went expecting to cry and oh my goodness did I cry.

I have never seen the play but I can tell that it was a beautiful one and probably had something that was difficult to bring to the big screen, nonetheless I really liked it. The poetry of the book was woven in and to be honest I found it somewhat distracting at times.

The movie reminded me so much of The Women of Brewster Place, but just not quite as good as Oprah’s production,which has some of the same themes running through it,  cheating/weak men, murder, rape, and of course the celebration of sisterhood.  There is so much I do want to say about this movie but cannot because today was its release and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

A lot of people are looking to criticize the movie because of its director Tyler Perry but I think he did his job well.



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