I Heart Phylicia

In my eyes she is one of the most beautiful woman on the planet.  She looks nothing like my mom but she is her identical twin. I cannot look at Phylicia Rashad or hear her voice without thinking of my own mother. Maybe it’s because she brought my mom to the screen as Claire Huxtable, she has always been real to me. I would watch her facial expressions as Denise would say or do something stupid and see my mother. I listened to her as she would get in Vanessa’s face ready to throw down and would be stunned because had I too not pushed my mom to that extreme.

When I see Phylicia on-screen or hear her voice she instills in me the same feeling I get from my mom that I want to be elegant, fierce, and smart just like them. When I see Phylicia I know that getting older will be beautiful  if I do it in the grace of her and so many other black women like her. I cannot express enough how much respect and admiration I have for this woman, I just ❤ her!


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