Classic Movie: Elevator to the Gallows

I love classic movie thrillers. I love the style of them, the language, and the subtleness. Alfred Hitchcock’s  Marnie (Tippie Hedren) and Dial M for Murder (Grace Kelly) are two of my favorites.

 Last week, however, I think one of them will be bumped for Elevator of the Gallows. Its cool, stylish, edgy, with an excellent score from Miles Davis no less and its French! I’m sure every student of film is snickering in disbelief that I have not seen this film before but better late than never.

Supposedly this was Jeanne Moreau’s big break out film and yet  I had no idea who she was only that she was gorgeous, had a sexy sultry voice,  and I wanted to steal her wardrobe!

Jeanne Moreau plays married Florence Carlala who is having an affair with Julien, a very handsome Maurice Ronet. Of course the only way they can be together is if Julien kills her husband. He does but it all goes horribly wrong thereafter. I actually was hoping that they would get away with it  and end up together but that would not be a French film. Their plans are thwarted by a young greedy couple who steal Julien’s car and gun. Didn’t expect it to go the way it went at all but the unexpectedness is what makes the film great.

Don’t be weary of the black and white or the fact that this film was made fifty-three years ago because it is a great thriller film. A definite must see if you love classic and French movies. Oh! and how could I forget the Miles Davis score! AWESOME!


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