Jenny, Had you Seen American Idol Before?

Its a singing competition. People compete each week and some will get voted off and someone has to give them the bad news, that is your job. I can only imagine how difficult it is to tell someone that their time is up and they will have to follow their dreams via another venue but full break down? It all seemed so scripted which is why I hate these shows. There should be a level of professionalism from each judge and blubbering like you just lost a child is too much…maybe too much overacting. I understand getting teary because I get teary off of emotional commericals but not like this.

 So the cliffhanger is whether or not you will continue. WOW, AI that is just cheap and lazy ‘scripting’.  Ms. Lopez you are big enough to be able to put your foot down on such antics…I hope you don’t continue in this vein. It’s a competition and if you can’t deliver the bad news then why don’t Steven and Randy take that task off your plate or can that not be incorporated into the script?


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