French Public Enemy #1

Earlier today I worked on this review for two hours. TWO HOURS, and just as I was about to submit something went horribly wrong and poof! all my hard work is lost in cyberspace somewhere. Not as good as what I wrote earlier but here is a small piece of what I thought about Killer Instinct Part 1

Mesrine: Killer Instinct Part 1

When I read Killing Pablo, the story of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, I thought he was indeed the baddest thug ever to walk the earth; moving him up in rank to top my favorite thug Al Capone. Mesrine tops them both because he was gangster on an international level. Most thugs stray too far from home.

Vincent Cassel delivers an excellent portrayal of real life 1960’s and 70’s bank robber, kidnapper, and murderer Jacques Mesrine. Mesrine was badass, without question, the man broke out of numerous prisons , Killer Instinct depicts his Quebec breakout. What gives him title of badass is he goes back to break out the guys who supplied him with the tools to cut the fence.

The papers called him and his girlfriend Jeanne Schneider the new Bonnie and Clyde as they terrorized France and Quebec. He was in jail for a botched kidnapping when he broke out of the Quebec prison. Like a true gentleman he offered to bust Jeanne out as well but prison seemed to wise her up a little and she declined his offer. Smart girl. Jeanne is still alive and living in Paris. If gangsters only knew when to stop before they meet their just demise, they probably could go to die quietly in their beds, but they never do. The opening of the film is Mesrine getting gunned down by a truckload of men in the middle of Paris traffic. The rest of the movie is about his rise. Part two is not available on Netflix yet but I actually hope it hits a theater in Providence first. I would love to see it on the big screen and it would be awesome if they did an old fashioned double feature.

Like most films based on real life I was filled with a lot of questions about this gangster I’d never heard of so after watching this film early Sunday morning on Netflix I went straight to Amazon to check out some books. One was actually written by him. Can’t wait till that comes in!


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