Laptop Fixed!

Supposedly my cat knocked my laptop off my bed, per my sixteen year old son(snicker snicker) so my screen was shot! I wanted to cry. Yesterday, the new LCD came in the mail and my son wanted the honor of attaching it to the laptop. Did I trust him to do it? YUP! Took him two tries and he started getting frustrated and wanted to quit. I wouldn’t let him. Well when that screen lit up so did he!  I know he broke it 🙂

I read about the Oscars but didn’t watch, not even the red carpet.You know why I didn’t watch the Oscars? Because by the time it airs all the excitement is gone for me and there really are no surprises. There are way too many award shows leading up to it…

But  congrats to all the winners. I can only imagine how wonderful the night was for them. I think all the wins were well deserving. The Fighter and Black Swan were my favorites and I thought they were simply brilliant!

I watched an awesome French gangster movie on Netflix early Sunday morning. I’ll get to that later!


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