A Place of Yes

A Place of Yes

While searching for biographies and legal thrillers on Amazon I came across Bethany Frankel’s not yet released book, A Place of Yes: 10 Ways to Getting Everything You Want Out of Your Life.

I remember her saying this phrase on one episode of Real Housewives of NY, yes I watch and Bethany was one of my scripted favorites.

  Lately I have been using this phrase in my life so I shouldn’t be surprised at all that she penned a book out of it. Smart girl.

I’m not a fan of self-help books for myself because they seem too much like basic common sense and I already have that. I know what I need to do for my life…and it’s as simple as the Nike logo…JUST DO IT! But I do like the Place of Yes slogan. Visiting the place of yes helps get you to where you need to be in life by simply saying yes to it!

 I wish I were the aggressive person who sees something, wants it, and pursues it with the passion of a tiger. I think too hard about what I want and usually it’s to talk myself out of wanting it or even worse convincing myself that I either don’t deserve it or that it is too hard to achieve.

I don’t have a permanent address in the place of no but I have taken long, not completely unhappy, vacations there, more like an apathetic acceptance. I want to live the rest of my life with 90% of it in the land of Yes and the remaining between No and Maybe…maybe I will skydive one day but no fault on me if I just say  hell no, I’m not trying to give myself a heart attack.

I don’t know what Bethany’s list of ten ways of getting what you want out of your life consist of but I’m sure we can all guess what we need for ourselves. I’m creating mine now; so far I have a list of five. I hope if you take the time to read this you add a few list of your own

I say Yes to my voice. My voice is my writing, my opinion, my ideas and even my singing if I want to sing. This has always been the toughest corner to turn for me because it puts me in the center to be judged or criticized but if Sarah Palin can have a voice and audience, why the hell can’t I? Yes, I know I am smarter than Sarah Palin!

I say Yes to opportunity. I can see a door open for myself and instead of rushing through I will knock and ask if I is okay if I can enter. I know what my opportunities are. I get them more than I care to admit so, no more will I question it. I will say yes to the opportunity.

I say Yes to the person other people see in me. I am my own worst enemy. People see me as strong and confident. I should become an actress because I sometimes feel as if I am acting out the person others see in me but I know there is strength within. There are more than a few incidences in my life where I have showed the strength of a lion…or two! Let the lion live.

I say Yes to faith. I have had bouts with faith in myself and God. I choose to eliminate the distrust and not only have faith things will work but work my ass off to make it work. I don’t think I can have faith without the work and effort I need to make whatever it is I want to happen.

I say Yes to the world. I love to travel and I do but I have never lived anywhere in the world but the U.S. I want to experience living somewhere in the world for at least a year. To absorb myself in another country, maybe that sounds more like a bucket list wish but for me it is more than that because there is a fear of the unknown. I admire people who pick a place on the map and just go there!

I’m thinking of more ways I can stay in the place of yes…how about you?


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