What A Day

The Furnace went kaput <insert a twelve hundred sad faces here> sat in a cold house all morning. JUST got the heat up and running.

Internet went down for some strange reason but that is a good thing because it let me work on the novel…it was a bit hard because my fingers were cold and my attitude sucked. All smiles now though!

Cat started having her kittens on the dining room floor and was looking at me like “do you see what the heck is coming out of my butt????”  I was freaking a little thinking she didn’t know what to do but she figured it out and have moved her new brood to a quieter location!

Small headache but I will be back to post what I started earlier before the internet drop.

Hope everyone had a great day!


2 thoughts on “What A Day

  1. House is warm but of course it will be fifty today while yesterday never hit 31!
    You should see the kittens. FOUR! So cute!


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