Detroit 1-8-7 is Back, Who’s Watching?

Besides Thursday night’s NBC lineup I don’t watch much network television but I am smitten and excited with Detroit 1-8-7. I was concerned it was cancelled since it hasn’t aired since February 15 but I just checked tonight’s schedule and it is back in the lineup!

As cop shows go it is pretty routine except for the great music played in each episode and the small hilarious clips that makes the show a bit of a dramedy. Six detectives and one strong female lieutenant play out some very interesting and entertaining stories surrounding the Detroit area.

Michael Imperioli  leads the cast as  New York City exiled cop Detective Louis Finch. He is the go-to guy in the show, the guy who can get the confession out of the toughest criminal. He also has some very funny deadpan faces and is a bit of social pariah. He is partnered with newbie Jon Michael Hill as Det. Damon Washington.


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