Saying Yes: Kindle Free Download

Saying Yes, Barbara Elsborg

Last week I mentioned I downloaded the Kindle free book, Saying Yes. It turned out to be part of the Naughty Nooners collection. I swear I did not know. I decided to go ahead and read it anyway because the sample was so chick lit and every once in awhile I like to stray away from the King (Stephen) and read a little rom/com.

The book starts off in the usual chick lit style. Zadie and Tristian have both been dumped. Zadie, by her boyfriend because she never gives in to adventure…she always says no. Tristian proposed to his girlfriend and she of course said no and to heal his broken heart he just wants to meet a girl who will say yes.

They both end up unknowingly at Tristian’s brothers flat. They meet while Zadie is in the bath and it takes off from there…

Now, I’m no prude and honestly I was liking this story, the whole idea just screams Reese Witherspoon movie, right down to the title, but I can’t get with porn. I’m not even a huge fan of gratuitous sex scenes in movies, so there is no way I can read five pages of two people getting off in a book. I tried it and after two Kindle pages of him fingering her and her sucking him off that was just enough for me. I skipped ahead. There is more meat to the story (not his meat but substance) as a little complication arises and we see them actually decide they want to be with one another. I liked Zadie and Tristian and was happy to see them get together in the end. The book isn’t novel length so it could actually be read in about an hour or less.

If you like chick lit, you’ll like the story. If you like a little soft porn in your chick lit, you’ll love the story.

Not for me.


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