Makes Me Wanna Throw up!

I loved Wonder Woman as a kid. I loved Lynda Carter in the series and I loved the cartoon Wonder Woman on Saturday morning’s Justice League (Is it just me or did anyone else notice the flirting between Wonder Woman and Superman-I was eight but I felt the tension!!!) I was looking forward to the new Wonder Woman because I love the Iron Man series and Ed Norton changed the Hulk, sorry Eric Bana but the script they gave you just sucked!

So with all that wonder potential why in the hell was the first big FAIL her outfit…ARE YOU FRIGGING KIDDING ME???? This is the tackiest piece of garbage I have ever seen put out there for a superhero. Lynda Carter gave her approval of this???? She obviously is laughing and mocking them knowing full well this is crap and we will forever say ‘well I never expected it to be better than Lynda’s costume’.

Who designed this and can I please have a crack at their job! A. MESS.

This Outfit is the Business!!!

 This costume is the business!!!


2 thoughts on “Makes Me Wanna Throw up!

  1. other than the fact that it looks like her boobs might do a Janet Jackson reveal, her suit just looked perfect. the new one just needs to be revamped!


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