The Movie ‘Leaving’ with Kristin Scott Thomas

Hmmmm, I guess Scott’s interpretation is one way of looking at it but I cannot agree with it at all. This is a tragic story based on one woman’s selfishness and disrespect of her obligations.

I don’t agree that anyone should stay in a marriage where they are not happy and I do understand that when you are not happy you may do something incredibly stupid like have an affair. However, how you choose to handle the unhappiness in your marriage and your lack of judgement with the affair shows the character you are. Suzanne has very poor character.

I watched the movie twice this weekend because I wanted to see the abuse Suzanne suffered before her affair. I didn’t see it. The marriage seemed like many others after years together when you forget to ‘date’ one another and be passionate with one another. I didn’t see violence till after she told her husband she was leaving him to be with another man. What made me dislike Suzanne so much was how she told him, with no regard for his feelings, her marriage, her children. It was just a 40something year old woman being totally selfish and behaving like a teenager.

I would have rooted for her to be with her lover had she handled it better-not leaving the dinner table with the in-laws and kids to have a sexy conversation with her lover, not jumping out of a window to spend the night with him, and not disregarding the fact that her two teenage children did not need to be abandoned over lust.

Her husband did some things that were definitely horrible but she showed him no mercy walking out the way she did. Did she really expect him to keep bankrolling her or supporting her?

It was a good movie as I was emotionally involved from the beginning. I love French movies because they shock the hell out of me and the end of this movie was not a let down in the shock factor.

Sometimes we must walk away from people but we should do it with respect. Leave if you must but leave the other person with some dignity. If they choose to turn to vengence and hate then that is their path, you don’t have to  pave it for them.


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