61/2 Hours

I have never spent over two hours at the DMV until today. I have heard stories about unreasonable wait times but never experienced it. Rhode Island Department of Motor Vehicles you should be ashamed! Well, not the processors/intakers or whatever they are called, they were polite and answered questions; even the state troopers were polite but it is a damn shame to have to wait 6 1/2 hours to register a car.

Last summer RI consolidated offices around the state and moved the Providence Main branch to Cranston. It actually is a nice building with a very friendly café staff-how many times do you think I bought a bag of chips and juice? Brighter and cleaner than the main office in Pawtucket and with all the people in and out of the place even the bathrooms remained clean. But still, 6 1/2 hours!!!!!!!!

Sure, I had a book to read but I forgot my notebook (of course I had one hundred pens) and wanted to write, my phone died, so I people watched most of the time.

  • One gangster or wanna be gangsta was telling his friend about his arrest and the people he shot. He sat right behind me and he wasn’t whispering. This to me is how you can tell when a person is a punk ass who nickel and dimes his way through life. Had he been a real criminal would I have known? So he’ll probably end up somebody’s butt buddy in another week or so because he is below stupid.
  • It’s 10am and obviously a lot of the women were smarter than me because they were already dressed for the club…at the DMV…10 in the morning on a Tuesday. Is it just me?
  • I know its difficult to deal with small children in places like this, especially if your wait time is 6 1/2 hours but do they really have to run and scream for the entire time? Why do some mom’s act like they don’t even know their own children? There was one sweetheart though that held on to a WOODY doll, OMG my daughter had a WOODY doll when she was little. I liked her but the others I wanted to toss. Guess their moms didn’t pick up on my loud sighs.
  • At one point a guy sat next to me with B.O. so bad my eyes popped out and the odor stayed in my nostrils for an hour.
  • I don’t mean to offend anyone but low-rise jeans and small t-shirts don’t mix well at all when your belly is either pregnant with a baby or pregnant with the cheeseburgersfrenchfriesdoritoscokepizzaetc that you scoff down daily. Maybe you need not register a car but a bike for exercise-I’m just sayin!

So that was my whole day. 6 1/2 hour wait for a ten minute process to get my registration and stickers. Luckily I don’t have to go back for a while, my registration is for two years and when I have to renew I can do it online.


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