What Should I Hate Today?

When I wake up in the morning hate is not my first thought of the day and I doubt it is the first thought of many. I would hope people think about their families, what clothes they are going to wear, what projects they are working on, how great a  cup of coffee would taste with their favorite breakfast…etc

So, as the day progresses when does the hate come in or is it really something a lot of people wake up with in the morning? Is it what stirs their bellies to rise? How do they physcially do it every day? What is it like to let  your soul sink into the abyss of darkness and hell because things are not your way, or because someone is different from you, or because you hate the goverment?

A few times in my life I have allowed rage and hate overtake me and it is the worst physical feeling I have ever endured. There is a buzz in my head which slowly builds to migraine status, my shoulders tense, my lower back aches, and the pit of my stomach feels like blistering molten lava spewing over and over. It is horrible and takes way too much energy. So how do people hate everyday and allow those feelings to fester in their body?

It is hard in this day not to have someones hate splash through your day. Crazy example: I was reading an article about nine year old Willow Smith (you know Will and Jada’s talented baby) and her fashion style. The question on AOL was ‘Did people agree with her style of clothing’. The answer I never posted was I thought some of her clothing was over the top and maybe a bit too old for her nine years but her world is different from the world of my once nine year old daughter.

 After reading  pages of racist rants against a nine year old baby girl I decided that if I do visit AOL sites again I would not read the comments, like I have banned CNN comments and my local newspapers online. The internet is definitely the new hooded cape for every type of hate.

Sometimes I think God gave us too much credit.


One thought on “What Should I Hate Today?

  1. Hi,

    Unfortunately without evil, good would not exist… I believe the best defense/offense against such negative and angry people is to just smile and laugh…



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