Public Enemy #1 Part Deux

Vincent Cassel!


I’ve been nursing a nasty virus the last few days that has had my temperature dipping and soaring. Yesterday, I was able to make my way to my office, lie on the couch, and watch movies in between my Nyquil slumbers.

I checked all the PAID movie channels and nothing interesting was on –oh, cable how I hate thee- so I turned to my wonderful Netflix queue and the movie I had been waiting for, was now ready for instant download!

 MESRINE: Public Enemy #1 Part Two

The second movie installment of the real life gangster Jacques Mesrine, pronounced May-reen as he notes several times, added more bravado, swagger, and a few comedic scenes.

I compared Part One to Goodfellas and Scarface and I cannot change that assessment for Part Two. The movie picks up right where it left off, the gritty ending of Mesrine’s life as he is ambushed by the French police. Cassell, again, delivers an exciting portrayal of the dynamic, media seeking gangster superstar that is Mesrine. He plays it up to the media, gives interviews about his brash illegal lifestyle, and boasts about his bank robberies- never naming his accomplices, of course. He is a bank robber and see’s no problem at all with that. It’s what he does like the baker who bakes cakes. As egotistical and brutal as he is, it’s kind of hard not to like him on screen. It’s the I-love-bad-guys-on-screen syndrome.

The story lags a bit  for his two hours plus and there are only a few really exciting scenes: Messrine breaking out of prison, robbing a bank and then running across the street to rob another bank-so audacious, and his attack on a French journalist who called him dishonest. Mesrine really put a hurting on this guy, stripping him naked, beating him, and shooting him several times, yet the reporter survives. However, this is the last straw for Mesrine as the press turns on him for attacking one of their own and the French police know they have to take him down. No prison will hold him for long, so his end must be death.

I liked it!!!

The Real Deal

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