Ugly Broads!

You know the old saying Pretty is as Pretty does…well it’s true.

99% the women on the Real Housewives franchise are some ugly haggish broads


I  just watched ONE episode of RHONY, just one and there was enough sophomoric, obnoxious, mean-spirited behavior to replace three soap operas for a complete season. Real, true, women don’t behave this way, at least not the women I know and call friends and associates.  I just want to shout out to all the women in my life and even some on the fringes for being the awesome beautiful chicks you are! I may not get a chance to say it as much as I should but I appreciate each and every one of you! Thank you for being GOLDEN

I'd Rather Watch/Be these Cool Broads!

2 thoughts on “Ugly Broads!

  1. It is a good thing that “real” women do not act like that, sure many carry the remnants from their teenage years and many times early twenties. It is normal I think to have a little more then just a memory of our youth with us as we gracefully endure the coming of age process.

    But to exhibit behavior that is nothing short of elitist hype like spoilness is only proof of our need to find self worth as women.
    The constant back stabbing and name calling that men know how to leave on a basketball court, football/baseball field or hockey ring, women take to the head so to speak, reliving the drama until the lies become ingrained in their spirits, mocking an illusion of truth.

    Here’s the thing; it is one thing to enjoy reality/dramadies for what they are worth, they are there for entertainment puposes only. The women portrayed are not to be looked up to, admired or even hated, no they should just be observed as an imagination gone wild on a mixure of nonsense, financial, sexual and often times comedic fluff all in an attempt to make a rich women richer, the poor women mock them and or feed into the lies and strive to be like them along with those in the middle.

    So yes I guess I agree, it is foolishness at it’s worst and there is plenty of it out there, all labled somebody/wives.


  2. You are always on point!!! self worth-exactly
    I really liked RHONY the first season. Loved Jill then the second season her ‘contract’ must’ve changed and they wanted uber nasty from her NOW everyone is UGLY. Ugly ass broads!I just can’t enjoy it anymore or any of the shows.

    Thank goodness for Tina Fey and REAL WRITERS!


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