It was a Sunday afternoon in the 80’s, the channel was Boston’s 56, and it was in my pink fantasy bedroom, on my 13-inch color television that I first watched Giant. I hadn’t seen it since then but it has always remained high in my list of favorites.   Lucky for me there is Netflix…how many times have I typed that? Seriously Netflix is awesome! Last night I started to watch Salt with Angelina Joile but after the first gruesome scene I knew I was not in the mood for that. I wanted something touching and sweet. I put Giant in my Netflix queue after Taylor’s death. It was time.

At 3 hours and 21 minutes I just couldn’t do it all in one night. I’m off today and instead of Maury I’ll be finishing up this classic and epic tale.

Liz is so gorgeous in this movie, it is utterly ridiculous!




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