In Therapy

Lately, I have felt like I need therapy!  Quite frankly these racist online rants of the teabaggers who hate our President have me feeling like I’ve been shot in a drive by! I can’t even debate that the President is not the son of the devil because WTF you just can’t fight stupid! You can’t! 

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Well, I’m not in therapy but if this ish keeps up I may be on someone’s couch. I watched the Portuguese movie ‘In Therapy’ Monday night. The Portuguese title is Diva which means, per Google translation, n. divan, couch, bed. Got it!


‘In Therapy’ 2009 stars Lilia Cabral as Mercedes, a 40-something woman who decides to seek therapy. In the three years she is in therapy she goes through some life  changes like having an affair with a much younger man, divorce, and losing her best friend to cancer.

I’ve never heard of Llia Cabral before but I’m now a fan. Cabral has an infectious smile and laughter which she brought to the character Mercedes. Mercedes is my BFF in my head. When she sits at the table with her ‘other bff in the movie’ talking about masturbation. I. DIED. 

I love movies with older women, probably because I’m an older woman myself, who are funny, still sexy (not Samantha Jones definition of  sexy because she is just ho-ish) and still discovering wonderful things about themselves. In the movie Cabral has an affair with a much younger man because she feels her husband has lost his attractiveness to her; she wants to feel sexy.  She is partly right but she is overlooking the strong friendship they have together. I think she should have initiated an affair with her husband to save the marriage instead of hooking up with a younger man. I cried when they divorced because it was not the right decision for either of them. Even though they reconnect as friends I was still sad to see it end for them.

In her last therapy session there is some closure and some growth. She realizes the only way to true happiness is to love and appreciate all the blessings and people you have whether you see them or not. This is grade A chick flick for women who may not be twentysomething but still laugh like they are!

He is a Hottie!

 The trailer is not in subtitles but it is available on Netflix with English subtitles.


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