Hockey & Fighting

Burrows BITES Bergeron's finger. SERIOUSLY?

This is my first year watching hockey from the beginning of the year to the Stanley Cups and I still don’t understand the fighting and why this is the only sport that gets away with it.

I’ve heard fans tell me that because hockey is so physical they have to fight to release that testosterone…okaaaaaaaay

It’s a check to protect players from illegal hits…wouldn’t a $25k fine check better protect a player from illegal hits like in basketball and football? Nothing checks a chump who loves illegal checks than to have to write a big one…

Fighting in hockey is honorable… But its NOT honorable in other sports. When basketball& football players fight you hear sports potatoes everywhere say that they are thugs and need to keep fighting their fighting in their hoods…but it’s okay in hockey? GTFOH!

I'll be honest if I ever got hit like this....ooooh man!

I remember the Bruins in the 80’s they were violent so I guessed it has toned down some but someone please explain to me, seriously, why they are allowed to get away with it in 2011.

When players are fighting and not even respecting the ref enough to stop fighting when he tries to break it up, I think it’s either all show or the game is possibly just a bottom  barrel sport with men too immature to check their own behavior. It’s a game. You are going to get hit. You may get slammed into the boards. You get a great check. Grow up and keep playing.

It’s like Kobe ratting out all his teammates for cheating on their wives and girlfriends…total bitch move!


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