Dear World Star Hip Hop,

Please cease and desist the gutter street fighting. Why is it entertaining to see black folks fighting in the streets like its Dog Fight Night in the Hood??? There is so much wrong with WSHH  but it obviously gets a great many hits a day…afterall, I can hear the fights, the cussing, and yelling every day from the cubicles around me as the guys in my office get a real big kick out of watching black on black fights, black girls cussing out folks on the train, and black parents berating and cussing their small children in the streets…YEAH, someone actually took a video with their phone of a black mother cussing out her own child in the street.

I bet you Bill O”Reilly looks at this site too and shakes his head with a big grin and says ‘See I told you they are animals’

Call me Team Cosby, Team Malcolm and Team Truth. Folks you have to do better, what happened to your pride?



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