Back To Blogging

I wish I had a better excuse as to why I haven’t blogged all summer but I don’t. I spent most of the summer chasing and conquering roller coasters, searching, finding and eating some of the best caramel apples, and working on my novel. I’m probably down to two followers now, well maybe just one because I was with my mom most of those warm days and I know she never logged on to see what I was up to or read my opinons about nothing much

Well, I’m back. Again.

Hershey Park- The Storm Runner was probably the Best Ride all Summer!!!!

4 thoughts on “Back To Blogging

  1. Well, welcome back. I look forward to being inspired. And don’t feel bad, I had the whole entire summer without the kids – – and did I clean, purge or do anything constructive? I think not. I just lived!!!


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