Medicine for Melancholy










I love a good relationship movie. I love indie romance because it usually goes so much deeper than the commercial and big budget films. Medicine for Melancholy, visually puts me in mind of Spike Lee’s  She’s Gotta Have It  and delivers some deep thought on racism and dealing with feeling out-of-place. I know, how the hell does that fit into romance? Great characters is how.

Micah and Joanne wake up after sharing an intimate night at a friends party. Both are uncomfortable and hastily put themselves together for a quick exit. You sense the attraction he has for her right away but she seems cold and dismissive. During an impromptu breakfast and cab ride he asks questions about her but she could care less about him. When she leaves her wallet in the cab he has the opportunity to see her again. The beginning.

Micah is endearing, sort of like how Mars Blackmon was in Spike’s piece, he wears on you till you can’t do anything but laugh. That is his in with Joanne. They spend a whole day together riding bikes around San Francisco, getting high, eating and engaging in a little more sex. Through it all they talk about her white boyfriend and the gentrifying of San Francisco. Micah feels if he has to fight for his right to live there while Joanne feels he should just live and not worry about color or race. Her view is too simplistic and his may be too self condemning. Is there a medium?

The film is not fast but rather slow. I liked it for its conversation and arguments. I’m a sucker for watching the guy woo the girl even when it does not end the way I would like. It is mildly funny but completely interesting. I missed it in 2008 but gladly enough it popped up on my Netflix Suggestion List…scary they know me so well.

SN: Doe she not look like Lynn Whitfields daughter, or someone in Whitfield’s close family relations?

Tracey Heggins

Lynn Whitfield



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