I don’t complain when I get migraines, they’re hormonal and I know I could be dealing with so much more. I know several people who would trade places with me in a heartbeat so I never whine about them but they can be cruel.

This last one started at about 3am Friday morning. It hit slow, which was pretty sneaky because I thought I could maintain it. Saturday it just lurked in the back of my eye and right jaw. I was able to go to my son’s homecoming game (42-0 North Providence Win!!!)and even attended my friends bday celebration that night. No alcohol just water all evening. I thought I was good.

I had already decided that since it was a lingering headache that I would take all day Sunday to get rid of it before it went from a tidal wave to a tsunami…too late! By 9am Sunday after the prescriptions meds the nausea attacked, then the vomiting, and my head hurt so bad I couldn’t even sleep it off. All Pain. All day. All I could do was lay as still as I possible  and hope to nod off for a few mins throughout the day. I hate just lying there unable to even moan because of the pain but I’ve tried everything and that works for me.

Monday was not so bad but I didn’t want to chance that it was not gone so I rested like I wanted to the day before. By 2pm I was up and feeling great. Just like that. The storm subsided and I survived another migraine.

Ahhhh happy!


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