You aint got to lie


The federal government says Reebok’s advertising is a bit too cheeky.

In a complaint filed Wednesday in federal court, the Federal Trade Commission said Reebok could not back up its “better way to a better butt” advertising claims in marketing the popular EasyTone and RunTone shoes. The company has agreed to refund $25 million to consumers.

The settlement, which awaits court approval, bans Reebok from making further unsubstantiated claims about the strengthening and toning benefits of its entire line of toning shoes. Reebok started making the pitch in print, television and Internet advertisements in 2009 but pulled the ads in the midst of the FTC probe.

Reebok to refund $25M to customers who bought EasyTone, RunTone shoes

To request a refund, go to The process for distributing any refunds will be monitored by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio.


Honestly, why just target Reebok? Makeup ads have been making outrageous claims forever. When was the last time they ended up in court or better yet refunding my money? Like, never. Yeah, maybe I’m a sucker because I love ads and I love makeup but I do get a little miffed every time I see the biggest ad offender: MASCARA ADS

Seriously, every time I see one of these ads promising thicker, fuller, and longer lashes I have a Tourette moment. You see, I’m never going to buy sneakers thinking they will enhance my booty I just refuse to be believe that hype but mascara for some reason gets me every time. I look at the commercial and print ads and know that the models are wearing falsies but I always end up in the store ‘trying’ a new mascara. Like a sucker.


So, why sue Reebok for making the claim that their sneakers will give you booty but mascara (and other makeup ads) gets a walk? HMMMMMMM.


3 thoughts on “You aint got to lie

  1. Yes, they are false eyelashes!!!! L’Oreal defended the Penelope Cruz ad by saying the false eyelashes were a common practice

    It is common industry practice to make use of some artificial lashes in order to ensure a consistent lash line under filming or shooting conditions – the ASA had previously accepted on more than one occasion that this industry practice was not misleading.”

    They are supposed to use disclaimers but I never see them LOL


  2. Too funny- I have to admit lashes get me EVERY time!
    My last purchase was Almay’s dial up and I loved it… and of course it has been discontinued


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