Suddenly, It Hit Me Last Night

My sixteen year old son was in a car accident Wednesday night and you must know upfront that since I am typing this he is 100% okay. If he were not, I can’t even imagine what my mental state would be.

He was the passenger of his football teammate who was dropping J and two other players home after practice. Driver has only had his license two months and will be seventeen in a few weeks. Sadly, he was clearly the one at fault because he did not come to a complete stop at a stop sign. As he drifted past the stop sign in his Honda Civic a Ford F150 hit the passenger side of the car, my son was in the passenger seat.

The car was sandwiched between a tree and the F150. My son, saw the truck coming and somehow from his account, managed to move more towards the driver side thus avoiding direct impact from the side hit. After seven hours in the emergency room at Hasbro Children Hospital for CT’s and observation my J walked out smiling.

I was cool as a cucumber throughout this whole ordeal because I missed the initial calls back and forth from the firemen, the police, and the hospital emergency admitting nurse. I was on the train home from Boston and minus my cell phone. When I got to Providence Station and retrieved my car I decided to stop at Stop & Shop to buy something for dinner. Then I stopped at Shaw’s Supermarket because I forgot cat food at Stop & Shop. My daughter took all of those calls. The call where all she heard was that her brother was in an accident. She was devastated. Her mind had him in a morgue, she saw the newspaper headline of North Providence Football Players in serious car accident.

As I was driving home thinking about the homemade anchovy & roasted tomato pizza I was going to make for them, she was busy getting the details. By the time I walked in the door and saw her red eyes and swollen face from crying I didn’t have to go through the emotional ordeal she did. She gave me the news calmly all I heard was that she had spoken to him and he was okay. No emotional rollercoaster. No tears flowing from fear of the unknown while I tried to determine he if he was really okay. Mia spared me that. When I got to the hospital J was looking fine and I didn’t cry but we talked and we laughed for the next six hours. Tragedy averted.

Not quite. Last night as I was drifting off to sleep it suddenly hit me. I could have lost him. Tears swell in my eyes even now as I type this. My baby was in a car that was pinned between a tree and a truck!!! I cried because I felt the fear I thought I escaped Wednesday. I cried because I am so grateful that I was able to spend all Thursday with him (even though we all slept most of the day) and make him grilled cheese and salad. I cried because the thought of letting him go to a place where I never will be able to see him hurt like hell. I had to get up at midnight just to look at him. It is still hitting me just how badly this week could have been for me and I am so grateful that all of my children are in this world yet another day.


3 thoughts on “Suddenly, It Hit Me Last Night

  1. Amazing Grace!!! I am SO glad that you were spared the initial calls! I would have been a MESS taking the calls from various authorities ‘in transit’ during your son’s ordeal!


  2. I feel a bit guilty that Mia had to go through it though but now she understands exactly what my mind goes through when she does not call or pick up her phone…I told her nothing compares to a mother’s imagination and I think she caught a glimpse of her future if she has children.


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