When I was Young…

I looked to others to make me happy. Somewhere around thirty-five I realized that my happiness solely depended on myself. I took back all the control I gave others who did not live up to my ideals and put the responsibility of my life squarely on my own shoulders.

I don’t always make the best decisions but they are my decisions good or bad.

I strive to make others around me happy because it feels good. Looking for reasons to find fault instead of accepting folks  for who they are is too much energy wasted.

If I can’t live with you I can live without you.

I never understood people who lived their life or made decisions solely based on them. When I was young I thought of my parents and how they would feel when I made choices. Not saying I always made choices I knew they would approve of but I tried. When I was older I made decisions taking in regard my partners and children, their feelings, and their happiness.

I compete with no one. I have a purpose in life and it is not to beat you but only to be the best me.

I’m not afraid to lose. I hate it. It makes me cheat sometimes(I can never be the banker in Monopoly, I admit it)  but I know in life, losing is not the end.

I did not see people for who they were when I was young. Now I accept, even if I choose never to speak to you again, I accept who you are.

When I was young I never dwelled too long on the negative. Glad to say I still don’t.

I will always greet you with a smile and if you are real lucky I’ll laugh with you too.


4 thoughts on “When I was Young…

  1. i really enjoy your writing. it’s educational for me learning about someone who i love but don’t know. thank you so very much.


    1. It is important for me to be respected so some opinions do matter but I realize that at the end of the day I’m left with only me and my interpetation of myself. I don’t even want the cupcake just the frosting right now…yum!


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