Owning vs Renting

After ten years of homeownership there are moments when I  think renting is a better option for me.

 Yesterday, I had a leak in the bathroom behind the sink. It took me two hours to find it, partially because when I first saw it I just walked away for an hour in an attempt at avoidance. I hate it when things don’t go away on their own. I sealed the leak but I know it needs a new pipe or something and I’m not a plumber, I will marry one if one ask, however. Just throwing that out there. The tub has a leak that I know is increasing my water bill. The floor needs to be replaced, its been ten years I’ve been here with three children so its long overdue and its on my  February to do list. I’ve repainted in this beautiful navy blue and white, replaced the ugly old vanity for a basic pedestal and it its okaaaaaaaaaay but…now I’m looking at the outdated fixtures and my wish list of glass tile all around the tub. I hate Elle Decor for all their damn pretty pictures

Some of it I can do myself but the plumbing stuff I know I have to call someone and I wish it were a landlord. I can hear me now in my Tony Soprano voice. There’s a leak in the bathroom. F*ck you fix it! It is the same voice I hear when the mortgage bill comes. I hear Chase saying:

So, what do I care if your bathroom has a leak. F*ck you pay me.

I really think it is about time I remarry…a plumber, a carpenter, a landscaper or all three.

I just die for this!

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