A Girl Can Dream, Right?

Of course and I dream a lot. I dream about publishing my book. I dream about travelling Europe and the UK and I dream about the awesome bathroom I posted on Monday. I dream big and little but at a point I get bored with them, my dreams. I get bored fantasizing about faraway places that are  not really that faraway or publishing a book that I keep nitpicking at instead of sending it out to a million plus agents/publishers.

I envy people who just do it. Whatever dream they envision in their head, they just do it without fear, without self-made obstacles, without a million questions, they just do. How do I become a person like that? How do I just throw caution to the wind? Will I ever be the person who just packs a bag and says to hell with it I’m going to Cardiff without a million reasons of why I shouldn’t? I don’t need to be that person 100% of the time but I’d take a good 55% of it right now.

Maybe it’s because the new year is upon us  and I’m reflecting and wondering if I did all I could do this year. I don’t thin so. Today I’m bored with myself. I want more realities than dreams. But only I can turn it all around, right?

“Your dreams come true when you act to turn them into realities.” Anonymous

The House in Somethings Gotta Give. I want!


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