Visiting New York

Who doesn’t?

Quite a few people actually but I love it! I love the crowds, I love Broadway, I love that as many times as I’ve been there I STILL have not even seen half. I love that it is the only city I’ve ever been where you actually see MORE people after midnight on a Friday night than you do at rush hour anywhere! So for my birthday next year (January Baby Here)  I’m going to New York, again and I want/need suggestions!

I’ve already seen Wicked, The Lion King, and The Book of Mormon. I’ve been to Times Square a million times and although I love it I want to go elsewhere.

I’m looking for some vintage places that are not Second Time Around, I hate that place.  I’ve been to Brooklyn only once, for an awesome Poetry Slam-I even took the train by myself-Go Boston Girl!

I haven’t decided what my route will be for the week  I do know I need to hit a few fabric stores (I have some big sewing projects ahead of me) so any suggestions there would be great as well. I want to go back to Brooklyn, and definitely find a good play off-Broadway!

So, New Yorkers, Fellow Bloggers, Fashionistas, and Borderline Alcoholics (JK) Suggestions Please!

I'll be staying around 7th Avenue


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