A Somewhat Gentle Man


Stellan Skarsgard (Girl with A Dragon Tattoo)

I recognize Skarsgard from GWDT while I was searching foreign movies on Netflix and decided to give it a try.

(Norway) Ulrik has just been released from prison having killed a man he caught with his wife. He really is a somewhat gentle man and a very lucky man for all the women throwing themselves at him after he gets out of prison. I couldn’t help rooting for him as he tries to pull his life back together. Getting a job, reconciling with his son, and finding a new love interest but it wouldn’t be a dark comedy without the drama. He owes his old gang who took care of his family while he was in jail. They want him to kill the man who ratted him out, it’s a code thing. There is a very odd group of characters which make the movie interesting to watch and a few what the hell moments which will definitely have your jaw hitting the ground. Totally worth it. I give it a solid B+ If you have Netflix pull it up. I will warn however if you are sensitive to sex scenes there are two which like I said will have you saying what the hell. They are not violent just sexual.


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