Devil Worship

I belong to a few message boards and this ‘brotherhood’, the illuminati keeps coming up on a few of them. For those of you who don’t know, the illuminati are a secret society that has been around for thousands of years. I first got wind of them when President Obama was running for the White House. Before then I thought it was all Hollywood Angels & Demons type of stuff. I didn’t think people actually believed it and I certainly did not believe that black people would believe that President Obama made a deal with the devil to become President of the United States. Yup, a blood oath deal with the devil. Since then every black man who has earned money or position is part of this secret society. Jay and Kanye rap about it and throw the secret signs, some people are saying that Beyonce’s baby is the devil and she and Jay owe their success to their pact with the devil. Obviously what was once secret and only opened to a small few, whose names are not revealed, is now fully blown because black people are equating it to other black people’s success every day. Guess black people can’t keep secrets.

At first I chalked it up to envy; some people hate other people’s success so much they will make up anything but it goes a bit deeper than that. I have heard a few friends and even family members give credibility to this nonsense. Basically, as I read it these people, these BLACK PEOPLE truly believe that no black man can become president without some devil-worshipping intervention or that another black person can’t possibly be successful without selling his soul? This is 2012, right? I don’t know whether to be angry or sad. I guess a bit of both. But more sadness that grown ass people think so little of themselves, their culture, or their identity that they could propagate something so heinous as this against their own people. Devil worship. WOW!

SMH. I want to move to another planet.


8 thoughts on “Devil Worship

  1. I believe that there are some people that cannot believe that Black People could have the drive, ambition and determination to be what they want so they come up with this. Some people are crazy…


  2. Thats the kinda mess that makes you wonder about 2012 really beyonces babies the devil -_- cmon really and im petty sure a secret society would do a much better job at keeping their society secret or atleast silencing people hell elijah Muhammad did -_-


  3. just to clarify @AddyB: the Church claims that they did not post that and immediately removed it once they found out what it said. They say they don’t know who did it but it wasn’t the church committee as a whole.

    And I don’t believe in all that devil worship mess: but I will say this-
    Something is wrong with a man when he has no problem calling himself “hovah” as a play on words for Jehova.


    1. sorry it has taken me so long to approve your comment. I’ve been away but I did read the Church claim it was not of their actions. I would hope not. I’m taking the picture down because it sickens me to see it. As for J it may be his ego was OUT Of CONTROL when he came up with that name. I do believe it was someone from the church that put that up. whether it was a kid or not, as the church’s explanation, but i doubt a kid is going to go out and buy those letters they had access to them via the church


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