Hello Again

Last week I got some bad news, the death of a relative, so Saturday my mother and I headed west to St. Louis.

Despite the circumstances I was happy to reconnect with members of my family that I do not see or speak to regularly. Family members from all over came to my cousins funeral. She was greatly loved and will be missed, especially by her children.

After a death it is always my intention to stay connected with people who, when I see in person, I just can’t get enough of. I love my family but most times I do not put the energy into maintaining contact. Same goes for some friends. When did I become so boring and solitary? I’m not either actually but I do think I am lazy. Outside of my circle of family and friends near me I don’t really go out of my way to connect with a lot of people.

So although I did not make any new year resolutions I will make this one: I will keep in contact with family members. I won’t call every week but I think I can make a promise to call once a month. I won’t call just to say I promised I would call so I’m calling just to say hello I will call and connect. Not catch me on Facebook or read my blog but connect if only for a few minutes via the telephone.


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