American politics has been very prickly as of late and since President Obama’s election it has been less about issues and more about hating our leader, and he is OUR LEADER. If you are an American, President Obama is YOUR LEADER. PERIOD.

However the hate thwarted towards this man is phenomenal. It angers me because I feel very protective and very loyal to the First Family but I realize that I just can’t fight the stupidity of hate going on in this country. I listen to talk radio, HATE. I read comments on HUFFINGTON POST; more HATE. I listen to some republicans and am floored that it’s not a disagreement in policy but a deep hate.

I had the misfortune to have witnessed a ‘conversation’ between two men, one who hates President Obama to the core of his being. He claims to hate all Democrats. Had I known he was such a vile human being I would not have even given him a hello when I walked into the Starbucks but he spoke and smiled first. As far as he is concerned President Obama is not even worthy of respect as a human being. This was true hate and I saw it in his eyes, in his tone, in his body language. I cannot imagine hating someone that deeply and I do NOT believe in the edict of Love Thy Enemy but I don’t think I could ever muster up that kind of hate, ever.

When I got home I just couldn’t stop thinking about it and the only conclusion I finally came to was that President Obama owns his haters. Let me say it to all of you who are consumed with hate so deep for another human being that it makes you foam at the mouth just thinking about them: THEY OWN YOU.

They own primary space in your head, in your heart and in your soul. You have given them ultimate power. This is a lesson for me as well as for all those who are infected by this destructive emotion.

To all the Republicans sitting in the chamber next to President Obama scowling like he burned your house down: PRESIDENT OBAMA OWNS YOU!

To Rush Limbaugh who incites the hate of our Leader: PRESIDENT OBAMA OWNS YOU!

To Rush again when you consistently insult our First Lady on her looks, her good heart and general hate of strong African-American women: MICHELLE OBAMA OWNS YOU!

To the guy at Starbucks because you could not give one good reason to your friend of why you hated President Obama that was not based in reality: PRESIDENT OBAMA OWNS YOU!

To the House Speaker who just wants to one up the President or get back at the President instead of thinking of the AMERICANS who need real bipartisan leadership: PRESIDENT OBAMA OWNS YOU!!!

To Jan Brewer who had the audacity to throw out the I was intimidated by a big black man vs weak white woman defense against the President: PRESIDENT OBAMA OWNS YOU!

Deal with that!


4 thoughts on “OWNED!

  1. Being from AZ it is especially galling to witness Jan Brewer act out like a toddler.
    Love your post. Renting out space to the things I hate is akin to indentured servitude and recently I’ve taken to “Know thy Enemy” so I can gain my freedom more quickly. Yours is a good message for us all.


  2. Very well said. When you put it in that perspective, it definitely makes me think twice about to whom I give my time, energy and emotions. I’m precious and valuable, therefore, not an ounce of my being will be parceled out via “Hate.” Others should take note, get a life and stop hating on the President and the First Family.


  3. I agree with you totally about hating the haters. Just curious about what you meant about President Obama owning people. That’s hyperbole right? Either way, great blog. Anything that’s passionate is cool in my book! 🙂


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