Susan G. Komen

Shame on you for pulling support from women who really need it.

Think more of your responsibility to sisterhood and less of man mandated restrictions on our bodies. Whether you support abortion or not you should support health for all women,rich or poor.

Big smile on my face after reading the wonderful comments on Koman for a Cure website. So proud of the women who came out and put their money where their mouths are and made a donation to planned parenthood. I will follow their example.


2 thoughts on “Susan G. Komen

  1. Me too. I heard about this on NPR this am and was incredulous! The founder is a right-wing fraud, in my eyes. I never was much into the pink ribbons everywhere so everyone could make a buck. Then I find this out and feel even more nauseated. Smh…


    1. I was very happy to read about the backlash she is now facing and the many people who stepped in to donate to PP and how much money they raised in a few hours. I think Komen and her pink ribbons have gotten too big, too commerical and pocketed more in salaries than they probably actually gave…she did a good service and nothing should have stopped that especially a bunch of crazies…but we showed her and the repubs where the power is so kudos to us!


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