Wow, She is Stunning!

She is an attractive woman without doubt but the picture of her with her short-cropped natural is stunning! It is a look I WISH I could pull off and she does very well. The short-cropped do is so modern on her, edgy, but classic paired with her dress. As women we tend to feel it has to be long to be feminine but sisters like her prove us wrong! Hot and OVER Forty!

You Go Viola!!!!


3 thoughts on “Wow, She is Stunning!

    1. As much as I love the second set of pics I know there is some photoshopping to it. Her skin is beyond flawfless whereas the pics of her at the Sag Awards she doesnt’ even seem as dark as the LA TIMES pic…so zen get a great photographer and he’ll hook those legs up for you.

      Her face is gorgeous in thos pics though.GORGEOUS


      1. It will take more than a good photographer to make me look that glam! Maybe in my next life I’ll get to be who I want to be…until then there is Garnier, Clinique and push-up bras!


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