Hello, Providence Vintage Store

I love a true vintage store, not a consignment store with stuff from Prada or Marshall’s (yes, Second Time Around  had two dresses I bought from Marshall’s on its rack-so not high-end). My daughter and I discovered this store when we were driving to Five Guys and decided to take a shortcut to the highway. So glad we did and since we were in a hurry I’m going  back tomorrow to really look at what I’ve been missing.

That is Broadway Street in Providence, Rhode Island!!!

The writer in me loves the sound of an old typewriter. Notice I said sound.

I didn’t get a chance to take pics of any of the vintage dresses and coats probably because we were too busy squealing, the coats with the fur collars! I. Died.


2 thoughts on “Hello, Providence Vintage Store

  1. I used to have a collection of vintage hats and I actually wore them! We moved around a lot and I gave them up to adorn someone else’s head. Alas! I love shopping in vintage stores. I even have a faux fur stole, complete with fake fox head! I will try to send you a picture sometime.
    Here’s to shortcuts and serendipitous finds!


    1. I’ve been watching the series Thriller with Boris Karloff and the clothes, this store has so many of those authentic styles. When was the last time you saw a coat from Bonwit Teller? Like, not in twenty years LOL
      I’m a hat girl too and although I don’t have any vintage ones i have seen a few I want to make a comeback!


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