Around the Way Girl-Whitney

I think its the only thing I’ve discovered about getting older that I really dislike…seeing people I love die and I’m not even old.

I was very sad to hear the news about Whitney. She was labled the girl next door by the media when she came out and she was but…she was really the girl around the way.

I want a girl with extensions in her hair
Bamboo earrings, at least two pair
A Fendi bag and a bad attitude
That’s all I need to get me in a good mood
She can walk with her switch and talk with street slang
I love when I woman ain’t afraid to do her thang
Standin’ at the bus stop, suckin’ on a lollipop
When she gets pumpin’, it’s hard to make the hotty stop
She likes to dance to the rap jam
She’s sweet as brown sugar with candied yams
Honey-coated complexion
Music camay
Let’s hear it for the girl
She’s from around the way

I can’t describe her any better than the way than LL described us back in the day. I thought it was a tribute to us then and I still do to this day. I love our black girl swagger and I will miss Whitney’s. I will definitely miss Whitney’s.

never achieved this hair though 😦

I used to style my hair like hers and dress like her. I thought she was stunning and her voice simply made me envious that she got it all and my vocal cords just suck!

Two of my favorite looks of hers . Yes, I cried.

Perm in your hair, or even a curly weave
With your New Edition/Bobby Brown button on your sleeve
I tell you come here
You say meet me half way
‘Cause brothers been poppin’ that yang all day
Around the way, you’re like neighborhood jewel
All the homeboys sweat ya, so you’re crazy cool
Wear your gold in the summer with your biking shorts
While your watchin’ all the brothers on the basketball court
Goin’ to the movies with your homegirl’s crew
While the businessmen in suits be hawkin’ you
Baby hair pumpin’, lip gloss a-shinin’
I think you’re in the mood for whinin’ and dinin’
So we can go out and eat somewhere
We got a lot of private jokes to share
Lisa, Angela, Pamela, Renee
I love you, you’re from around the way


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