I Need A Fro In My Life

Dear Fro, I heart thee!



7 thoughts on “I Need A Fro In My Life

  1. My hair is as flat as my chest and it’s so unfair! Can you find one for me, too? Man, these women are utterly gorgeous…from the teeny-tiny picture, so are you!


    1. LMAO!!!! My hair is fiiiiiiine and after so many years of flat irons and relaxers I’m lucky to have any curl or kink at all. I’m working towards the B.A.F. You want to hear something funny. I thought you were black from your picture or rather a little swirl (mixed) then in another post you mentioned your legs were so white… Lol I was oh maybe she’s not tan!!!


      1. You’ve got a good eye. My father was 1/8 Black! My great-grandmother was from Mexico (Juarez) and was 1/2 black. My cousins got all of the gorgeous hair and skin. All my other kin are Swedes and Germans. Man, you are good! I used to be a little brown nut and can tan like no other but not anymore…the fear of wrinkles has me slathering on spf 50! When I do get tanned people think I’m Philipino. I’m a true mutt!
        I do wish I had black hair. Does that sound bizarre? I’d wear it just like your third beauty. I know it would be hard to manage but it looks so carefree and would suit me to a tee! I too suffer from fine hair and have to put a lot of gunk in it. Now I’m attempting to grow it out and I want to die. I’ve got to be strong! Arg!


      2. Wow! I am good LOL
        I can see you with a big old fro, and it would suit you. There is something carefree about them…that makes you believe that the woman wearing it is probably the most self assured, confident, funny, witty chick in the room. At least I would be with my fro LOL
        I cut all my hair off to start brand new last year. It has been rough and I’m so happy to have it grown back to the point where I can at least cover up my fivehead!


      3. Ha Ha! Fivehead…yeah, I’ve got one of those too. Keep strong, my lovely! And a Fro would look so you even though you don’t need it to show that you ARE the hippest and all that chick in the room…my humble opinion! 🙂


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