The Color Purple

I think it pisses God off when you walk by the colour purple in a field and don’t notice it. Shug Avery~The Color Purple

Purple is my favorite color and oddly so I can’t name three purple items of clothing in my closet. Go figure. My livingroom and diningroom however is this Benjamin Moore silver fox which is a light lavender color-my walls seem a bit darker than this silver fox

However, it has come to the time where I want to upgrade everything. Long winters do that to you, even if they are mild ones.



9 thoughts on “The Color Purple

  1. Oh man, that first sofa is to die for! I’ve got animals, both four-legged and human, so a plush purple sofa is out for me for now. I have one purple blouse with ruffles around the neck and I adore it…I hope it never dies!
    Please do get a purple sofa! I can then be uber-envious and go out and get one too. Is that an awful reason to indulge? 🙂


    1. oooooh I want. We hardly EVER sit in our livingroom there is no tv but I do have these kittens…my only drawback. I’ve been looking at velvet sofas for a week now and WHY are they all so damn expensive? I really don’t want to spend 1500 on one peice of furniture. #beingbrokesucks


      1. Why can’t we fall in love with the crappy cheap stuff and be content? You can always scope Craig’s List…but you never know what’s been on it so forget that! Here’s to a fat refund from Uncle Sam to you so you can splurge! 🙂


  2. Certainly a calming colour, but a man shouldn’t say that right? But my wife and I tried out a new colour scheme at home red and grey, experimental and its great but what makes it greater is the lighting. Just a small lamp with a red shade not a big main light, and the effect is amazing, so calm. This colour I should think has the same effect but the lighting on the pictures show the items to their best, it would be nice to see more subdue lighting.

    Like your blog and thank you for visiting mine, I shall pop over to see what you are writing now and again 🙂


      1. Oh yes they can indeed but its what is admitted that is the big bug with men. I mean unless you are an interior designer or the likes then you won’t get men saying they like the curtains, carpets, sofa, not without getting funny looks that is.

        Still times they are a changing and stuff is discussed that would have been a definite no no in my mums days, especially stuff like in your other posts, Sanitary towels, pads …… mum would have hid in shame LOL


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